2012-03-10 08:52:44Request to pay more attention to Fred Singer
John Cook


Feedback through comment form:

I would love to see some debunking and analysis done on Fred Singer's recent work posted at The Independent Institute. He is masquerading as a rational scientist, distancing himself from "deniers" as well as "warmistas."

Singer has been writing and interviewing more often this year - apparently he has secured 
funding from a variety of sources.

His recent publications and a TV station interview are posted on The Independent Institute web site here:


People need to know that his tactic of placing the IPCC and NIPCC on equal footing is much worse than silly. He is spreading untruths at supersonic speeds, counterbalance is needed.

2012-03-11 22:49:16
John Mason


John, this most recent piece on that site might be worth dissecting:


Climate Deniers Are Giving Us Skeptics a Bad Name
February 29, 2012

Plenty in there where he's plain wrong and also plenty of stuff that would give an avid WUWT fan a coronary!

I'll just go and grab the full text and paste to general chat.

Cheers - John