2012-03-09 17:24:44Suggestion that we do a post on insurance
John Cook


Emailed suggestion:

With the recent spate of tornado’s here in the USA (both 2011 and 2012) I decided to do a web search to see what the Insurance companies have to say about Climate Change and I found a web site for the Insurance Information Institute  (iii) with a section on Climate Change.  The article entitled “Global Climate Change and Extreme Weather: An Exploration of Scientific Uncertainty and the Economics of Insurance” is a 2006  52 page iii look at climate change and the possible increase in hurricanes.  The other link is to a February 2012  newsletter entitled Climate Change: Insurance Issues.  I used the search box on your Skeptical Science site and it came back only with “There are no skeptic arguments matching the search ‘insurance.” so I thought I’d pass this article on to you.  It might be good for you to add an insurance industries perspective and/or for discussions on the 52 page review.