2012-01-18 10:41:17Email from someone dating a denier
John Cook


Got this email through the SkS contact form:

I have recently met someone who I really like and think I could create a life with, but he doesn't believe that global warming exists and that it is all just a ploy by the government to make more money. In order to convince him of its reality I need some really solid articles backed up by a little more than a footnote. I'm hoping that this website will provide that. It seems promising this far.

I was tempted to respond with "don't date a climate denier" (kidding) but instead replied with this:

I would recommend you read these two booklets which give a good introduction and overview:
The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism: http://sks.to/guide
The Debunking Handbook: http://sks.to/debunk
Specifically, have a close read of the Worldview Backfire Effect in the Debunking Handbook. When someone approaches global warming from an ideological/political point of view, it is very difficult to convince them of the realities of human caused global warming because they would perceive any evidence you present as threatening to their world view. So tread lightly and be sure to listen as much as talk, seeking to understand where he's coming from and what are his core issues. Keep in mind that to him, this is more than just a scientific issue - it's not just about the evidence.
I hope things work out between the two of you :-)

2012-01-18 14:34:21
Rob Painting

Hitching up with a conspiratorial fantasist is only ever going to end badly.