2012-01-10 13:15:49The magic bullet to solve climate change is in this email. No, you're gonna have to read the whole thing...
John Cook


Just got this email, which I have to admit did put a smile on my face, even if bordering on spam:

George Bernard Shaw warned that;
"All great truths begin as blasphemy."

The world of the 21st century is ready for a solution to the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that humanity, the planet and the environment are facing.

It seems that mankind has had at it's disposal a technology that has been deemed useless for centuries, but fits the bill exactly as a credible solution for the modern day problems "we" are facing. The technology is shrouded in mystery, it is the last great mystery, science is confounded and despite all the studies performed on the subject, the riddles, the wonder and the mystery have continued to prevail. We have tried very hard to understand and comprehend "how" and "why" and because we have failed to understand what was done in the past we fail to understand what good uses this old technology could have in the modern age.

This technology is the missing piece, it is the cornerstone that the sciences have failed to recognize as useful. This is primarily due to the mystery surrounding the subject. This technology is the only example in all of human history of something that we once did and then never Ever did again.

Can you guess what it is?

This technology will provide enormous amounts of passive energy. This technology will provide ample storage space for carbon dioxide sequestration. The technology can be used to create rain and weather and ultimately assist to reclaim desert. The technology can be used as a heat exchanger to defeat global warming and through the heat exchange process it can also filter the air to extract carbon dioxide. This technology is likely to eventually be a gateway to the solar system. This technology combined with all the modern technology that we possess is an atmospheric processor and the first step to a space elevator. This technology spells evolution and a new growth avenue for mankind. It has taken many years to fully comprehend why science ignores this technology and many more years to comprehend its true value to science. It would be a terrible mistake to ignore it any further given all the potential. It is no coincidence that it meets most of our pressing needs.

I know that there are steps we can take to restore the environment where no option has formally existed. This long forgotten technology, discarded, discounted is so old and so primitive and so shrouded in mystery that it doesn't occur to modern scientific researchers as even a remote possibility, it does not come up on the radar and we continue to look to "rocket science" technology for the answers, well, here are all the answers rolled into one single solution. It is the cornerstone and the great leap forward we have been looking for.

We have the power now to make all the difference to our environment. It's not rocket science that will achieve this, it is one of the earliest and oldest technologies we possess that will restore the environment and finally put us on a path to be free to explore the solar system. This cornerstone technology is the launch pad for everything that comes next!

In the 21st century we have the absolute mechanical advantage. ABSOLUTE MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE. If we had a mind to we could move mountains. We have never built a mountain. If we did build mountains though, especially around deserts we could bring rain and weather and from mountains flows life. In such a flat place as a desert onto the exterior of these mountains we can position many wind generators or wind farms. These sand and cement stone block mountains can also be used very effectively as carbon dioxide sinks and carbon dioxide would be present in 25% of the construction.

We believe a new industry will be created to build ranges of solid stone pyramids out of desert sand, silica from the sand to make cement, salt water and carbon dioxide. Built from the most bountiful resources large pyramids of stone are the future for mankind on this planet. 

My name is Mark Hyndman. In 1975 my Great Grandfather, E A Watts handed me two books about pyramids and said "I want you to understand the simplicity of these", I was 5 and within a year he had died from bowel cancer. I would like you to contact me on 0419 788 888 or email markandcarrie@optusnet.com.au for the biggest story of the 21st century. In 2012 there will be real hope for mankind and our battle to restore balance to the environment. There is still much more information, calculations and commentary I can provide. I represent a small group of people that understand what these measures mean and I have had a very difficult time bringing it to the attention of people that actually care enough to know. We would appreciate your help to disseminate this information around the world quickly. Debate must begin.

According to physics we can theoretically construct a pyramid to any size and this is because a pyramid distributes it's weight evenly across it's base. We have not built a single stone pyramid in 5,800 years! Think about it. How big can we build them now? How quickly? The answer to that is the sky truly is the limit, we must change the size of the building block, bigger is better and to escape the atmosphere we need to go 22 kilometers. The future has arrived from the past just in time. It might be 40 or 50 years more before we are proficient enough to attempt a space elevator but we can build 2,3,4 or even 5 kilometers today with entirely conventional equipment and very quickly. Once we develop an industry with dedicated equipment the whole simple process can go much larger and much faster.

With this technology we can address many issues. I have been trying to communicate this information to friends and family which has ultimately proven to be a big mistake because once you say "pyramid" people just think you're crazy. Though the truth remains the same, by building this type of structure on a scale not considered in the modern age and ignored by science the world over we can begin to address major issues confronting mankind such as;

Carbon dioxide sequestration.
Filtering C02 from the air.
Environmental restoration and creation.
Passive wind energy and heat exchange.
Stage 1 of a space elevator.

This is the answer we have been waiting for. This is the missing piece. An evolutionary cornerstone. With particular emphasis on the Great Pyramids of Giza they are a doorstop, a great wonder, a mystery but by no means the pinnacle. Modern man can achieve new heights. According to my calculations a 300 meter tall pyramid, twice the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza and eighth wonder of the world properly resourced can be built in just months from the time the first stone is laid. Pyramids, no matter what size are very, very simple structures which we have not been able to understand until now.

All great truth begins as blasphemy.
Can you debunk this for me because I believe this is how we are supposed to interact with nature to restore balance.
Mark Hyndman.

2012-01-11 10:17:30


John, you receive a much more entertaining variety of spam than I do.

But - that does not mean I'm jealous!

2012-01-11 10:47:58
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

So (taking the Ruddiman Hypothesis to the next logical extreme), mankind built pyramids and megaliths worldwide in order to draw-down CO2 to keep global temps from rising high enough to melt the WAIS & trigger a much greater inundation than had already occurred?  With the result being a sudden plateauing of global temp rise of the HCO...

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Those Atlanteans & Lemurians really knew their sh*t...

2012-01-23 12:49:43



A 5-kilometre high pyramid?  That's something...

Consider that the Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is 147m high.  It weighs something like 6 million tons.

Volume of a pyramid is 1/3 (L x L x H), so assuming the proportions stay the same, the weight of a 5,000m high pyramid would be on the order of 236 billion tonnes.

That would take quite a bit of resources.  Yes, technically possible.  Expensive, though.

The proposed expansion of the Olympic Dam mine, which will possibly make it the biggest open-cut mine in the world, will result in a peak extraction of 72 million tonnes of rock & ore per year, financed by the sale of 730,000 tonnes of copper, 19,000 tonnes of uranium oxide, and 25 tonnes of gold per year.

At that rate, it'd take the Olympic Dam operation a mere 3,279 years to build a 5-kilometre pyramid.

And then there are the impacts - how much stress on the local geology would be caused by that kind of weight?


What those numbers also highlight, for me, is the staggering amount of ice loss from Greenland each year.  What was it last melt season - 500 billion tonnes?  Wowsers!