2011-12-04 13:56:00Skeptic argument bingo
Captain Pithart
Peter Hartmann

i visited the German climate denier conference last week, and came home with lots of positive impressions (more on that maybe later).


while listening to the talks, i played "denier bingo": i had a list of arguments (the taxonomic list from SkS, numbered) and a grid with the respective numbers, every time an argument was used in a talk i crossed it out in the grid (similar to bullshit bingo).


here's a preliminary presentation of this data:


the numbering is atm hierarchical + hexadecimal, so for example argument 2.11.1 becomes 2B1. this is a bit geeky, but saves space, and has the possibility to add arguments into the taxonomic tree later on (as long as the argument is appended as the last item in its branch).

john suggested this could have some use as a smartphone app; any ideas about this thing are highly welcome!

(if anyone is interested in the background of the conference where the data comes from, here's the Planet Climate link: http://planet-climate.org/wiki/index.php?title=IKEK4 - username:w password:atchU24 )


2011-12-04 14:19:06ipad app
John Cook


Might be hard to fit it on a tiny iPhone but an iPad app with perhaps a 4 x 5 grid, where you tap each box to bring up the one-line argument, perhaps double tap to mark it off, as you hear it at a talk.

We could also do an SkS website bingo - where we enter all the arguments in a gish gallop into our database (eg - Plimer's latest screed) then the website could punch out the same grid.

I dunno, just thinking out aloud, a fun way to make fun of deniers who rattle off a long line of myths. Then 'Climate Myth Bingo' could become a meme so whenever a misinformer starts gish galloping, people can make fun of them by linking to the bingo page.

2011-12-13 01:43:40


Might be fun to do this with Morano's "A-Z" list, too - see how close to full coverage he gets...