2011-11-25 09:22:45Email about Chinese paper critiquing IPCC
John Cook


Got this email giving a heads up on a peer-reviewed paper from China doing the rounds:

The UK's leading disinformation service the GWPF recently highlighted a very odd review paper by Fang et al.


Fang Jingyun sat on the IAC panel that reviewed the IPCC in 2010:


'Sceptics' seem to be picking up on this and arguing for its 'impeccable credentials' which is frankly disturbing. 

IMO this is a politically motivated paper whose timing in the run-up to Durban is deliberate, but of course this is unsubstantiated opinion. 

Nevertheless, if you are keeping a sharp eye out for 'sceptical' papers to critique, this might well be worth a look - what do you think?

2011-11-25 17:02:36
Ari Jokimäki


Just a brief glance to the introduction tells that this is not a scientific review. There are references to Lomborg's book and to NIPCC report (which is treated as credible as IPCC reports) for example.