2011-11-07 16:41:24Nice feedback from someone in the front trenches debunking misinformation
John Cook


Just got this encouraging email:

Please accept my sincere thanks for your skeptical science website. I have been accessing the site for over 12 months now and it has been of extraordinary benefit in educating me and, more importantly, giving me the information needed to help rebut the misinformation being disseminated in the wider Australian community. 
I now direct family, friends and other acquaintances to your website - so thank you for taking the time to make it reasonably easy to understand for us 'ordinary' Australians without a scientific background. 

For privacy reasons I don't follow Facebook/Twitter etc. so really appreciate access to your website. I can only imagine how much of your time it must take to maintain the site's relevance.

Again, thank you. I wish you and the team every success.