2011-10-16 17:27:06Suggestion to rebut Paul Hudson article
John Cook


Got this email:

I thought I should draw your attention to the latest blog post from BBC weatherman and climate correspondent Paul Hudson, entitled "Met Office wakes up to solar influence on climate":


As far as I'm aware, Mr Hudson does not have a denialist agenda and he does point out further down that the new paper indicates regional rather global effects. However, his opening remarks, which imply that scientists have been in denial over solar influences, have been siezed on by certain "elements" and are spreading across the internet.

It might be helpful if Skeptical Science could correct Paul Hudson on his opening remarks?!

If anyone wants to sink their teeth into this, be my guest...

2011-10-18 23:48:21
Paul D


Paul Hudson certainly attracts many skeptics. Anthony Watts seems to like him (maybe they exchange emails???).

Actually more to the point is that Hudson doesn't appear to make any effort to correct obvious flaws in skeptic comments and opinions. He is careful not to be blatant, but there is some innuendo in what he says.

2011-10-19 02:33:15
Julian Brimelow

I think that this would be a good idea.