2011-10-16 06:18:39Request for feedback on carbonvirgin website
John Cook


Got this request. Anyone want to post a comment, I can email it back to them:

I wrote a website over the summer: One of the aims is to consolidate some key messages the public and many others may not be aware of [It is not addressing skeptics]


I would be most grateful if you or some members of your team took a critical look at it. 

[It is a work in progress and not launched yet] While the password is off this week it will be back on next [If this is the case press the button: "how it works" and then type into the login and username boxes  the word: test.

2011-10-16 22:12:41


As this is a new site, I would suggest that they put an 'affiliations' or 'friends' button or similar on the front page.  I would most definitely draw stronger attention to the site's links to the World Land Trust and the University of East Anglia.

There are unfortunately too many spam-and-scam sites popping up daily: this site needs to establish its scientific and ethical bona fides from day 1.