2011-09-22 13:08:27Email disapproving of buttons
John Cook


Feedback re our left margin buttons (or is this just Neal in disguise :-)

I am a strong supporter of your efforts and your website but I want to express my queasiness with the introduction of your 4 buttons at left specifically naming individuals (Christy Crocks, Lindzen Illusions, etc.) 

My immediate perception was it gave the site a "political" connotation at conflict with the intent of the site, a focus on personality rather than on the arguments, claims, and misrepresentations of science. At least that perception can be taken from it even though I know that is the farthest thing from your intent and the content focuses on the science and claims.

But it's the perception of a political bumper sticker attacking a personality that bothers me and the specific naming of individuals that can introduce an incorrect perception of your efforts. 

I may be oversensitive about that but I lean toward the "perception is reality and reality is irrelevant" line of thinking in this case. Just wanted to give you my two cents worth.

Keep up your great efforts.