2011-09-10 07:28:03Breakdown of denier scientists
John Cook


Interesting idea, possible flow-on analysis from http://sks.to/skeptics when more data has been collected:

I've heard that the 2-3% of scientists who question human-caused climate change are not the least bit monolithic, and most may not even agree with the republican/conservative denialists.  For example, I've heard that a significant portion of that 2-3% actually DO assess the facts as indicating human caused climate change, but out of integrity simply are hesistant to declare themselves in full agreement because they don't believe the data is strong enough yet.

Anyway, I wonder if there is anywhere on your site where you parse out the distinctions among those 2-3%.  I think doing this could significantly help your cause, as the denialists will simply say, "Oh, those 2-3% - they're the brave ones."