2011-08-06 17:13:32Positive feedback on SkS from Uni teacher writing course on climate change
John Cook


Just an encouraging email from a lecturer/professor (doesn't say which) which I thought SkSers would find encouraging:

I am in the middle of a transition into teaching/extension energy and climate change policy at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point.  Prior to getting my pH in ecosystem and restoration ecology, I practed natural resources and energy law for over a decade.  My interest rests in the realm of policy, where the science, economics, social, and political components of global warming hopefuly come together some day.

I am in the early process of designing 4-5 courses in energy law and climate change and have found your website incredibly valuable.

Mustn't forget that not only are we reaching audiences directly, we're also providing resources for communicators who teach others. That's an encouraging thought.