2011-07-22 10:09:11Using an inflatable earth globe as a pedagogic device.


I purchased an inflatable 16" diameter "Earth Globe" which I use to instruct persons on how GW is affecting our weather. For example, explaining the reason behind the colder weather south of the Arctic area during the winter. It could also come in handy in explaining the Milankovitch Cycles and other GW phenomenon.

In my opinion it would be a very useful pedagogic device for conveying many GW issues.

It is a naturalistic style globe with no nation state divisions. It also has glow-in-the-dark spots on it to simulate the glow of city lights at night. It is available from Amazon for $15.29.

I remember Richard Alley testifying before Congress and addressing a dense Congressman. Alley amused everyone by using his bald spot to explain the Milankovitch Cycles. An inflatable earth globe might not be as amusing but we don't all have a bald spot. :-)

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