2011-07-19 13:52:41Miskolczi
John Cook


Email about Miskolczi which we haven't hit yet:

Several AGW "skeptics" have started quoting this paper by Miskolczi:


As far as I can work out it's claiming that the "optical depth" of the atmosphere is a constant so if CO2 increases absorption then something else must decrease in order to compensate. 

No reasoning seems to be given as to why it should be a constant. 

I found these sites on it, but it would be good if you could add something to your list of denier arguments so I can reference it:





2011-07-21 09:12:04
Doug Mackie
Doug Mackie

I believe nealjking looked into Miskolczi some time ago. Ask him/her.

I have a document from Miskolczi that is full of the words "a new theory" and how NASA was conspiring to supress it.