2011-07-08 16:44:35Nils Morner on sea level rise of only a few mm
John Cook


Got this email:

There is a long letter in today’s paper from my arch rival at CNI who is sprouting about sea level rises and refers to a Nils Axel Morner and his claim that sea levels will only rise a few mm from global warming. Do we (i.e your network) have any ‘dirt’ on Nils or his predictions/analysis? I couldn’t find anything on the net from a quick search.

2011-07-09 05:08:22
Andy S


Wikipedia has a good article on Moerner

It's worth noting, before we trash his reputation entirely, that we have relied on an article by Moerner for our Volcanoes rebuttals




Clouded 'science'

"Scientists grow cool to global warming theory," Barry Cooper, Opinion, June 29.

It's depressing that cranky old men like 
Barry Cooper feel it necessary to spout off about matters that are far outside their area of expertise. But since he is a political "scientist," I guess he feels that he has the credentials. If he's wrong, he won't be around to apologize, nor will it matter.

Predictably, he cites fools to support his inflammatory opinions. With his dismissive: "And yet, science moves on," he champions geophysicist Nils-Axel Moerner in "flatly contradicting the IPCC predictions of an ice-free Arctic."

Moerner is another cranky old man, who, among other things, believes in the metaphysical art of 
water dowsing, and who was elected "Deceiver of the Year" by Foreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning in 1995 for "organizing university courses about dowsing." Trust the deceivers.

James K. Finley, Sidney, B.C.

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2011-07-09 05:36:48
Dana Nuccitelli

Monckton Myth #16: Bizarro World Sea Level was based on Morner's insanity.  Remember this?

morner's nuts

2011-07-30 10:37:40


In a pdf on sea level, Morner reversed an image to 'prove' that there had been no change in sea level.

He used two images of a tree, but it can be seen from the form of the branches and roots that one image has been mirrored.  Not only that, but if you look closely at the image with ships in it, you can see a clear horizontal join - evidence of cut-and-paste.  On that basis, I will discount anything and everything Morner says about sea level until such time as he admits to faking his evidence.



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