2011-06-30 13:06:53About the Suggestion Box
John Cook


I get emails all the time and I simply don't have time to respond to them in any great detail any more. So I'm going to throw any of the potentially useful emails into this forum - if there's an idea worth chewing on, SkSers can chew on it here and integrate it into the overall SkS strategy.

2011-07-05 17:12:49Drop in solar activity masking rise in temperatures due to global warming?


Go easy on me if I'm saying something dumb. I'm not a pro and it's past my bedtime. :-)

I've been staring at solar activity charts and the UAH temp chart for too long. An idea came to mind. Hasn't the recent drop in solar activity been masking GW since 2002 and the past few years in particular?

If this pronounced drop in solar activity has tweaked the temps throughout this decade, doesn't that imply that there is no actual "flattening" but an upward trend?

What would this imply for GW progression? What does it imply for 2010 in particular?

Perhaps I've been staring at those charts for too long.

2011-07-05 18:35:01
Rob Painting

Villa, see paper in this thread.

2011-09-22 04:58:42list of tasks
Tom Smerling


Somewhere on SkS I once saw a grid of needed tasks (rebuttals), whose doing it (names), and status.

Now I can't find it .....can somebody point me toward that task grid?

2011-09-22 06:16:45The Rebuttal list?


Hi Tom,

is it the Rebuttal List you are looking for? The link shows up in the left hand column of the forums.


2011-09-22 11:37:01Thanks!
Tom Smerling


Yup, that's it.   Thanks!    I remember it as a useful model/template,  for adding an "suggestion box" to www.ClimateBites.org.