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 2011-11-19-Scott Mandia defends climate science on conservative radio.html
 2011-10-27-Another slam-dunk by John Abraham on ARNN.html
 2011-10-21-A media interview I don't even remember doing.html
 2011-09-25-John Cook CLEAN webcast June 15,2011 -- audio & ppt now available online.html
 2011-07-27-John Abraham on whether skeptics should be given a voice.html
 2011-07-08-John Abraham again on conservative radio.html
 2011-05-27-John Cook on 2UE (conservative radio station, friendly interviewer).html
 2011-05-26-John Abraham in a hostile radio interview.html
 2011-05-26-Haydn Washington & John Cook take on Sydney talk back radio.html
 2011-05-26-General advice on media interviews.html
 2011-05-25-Alan Jones takes on climate scientist David Karoly in _very_ hostile interview.html