2011-10-27 02:37:36Another slam-dunk by John Abraham on ARNN
Tom Smerling



John A. does it again!   This time, the news hook is the BEST study, so it's a bit of a slam-dunk.  

But notice the change in tone by the conservative host, Chris Salcedo.   No "hostile interviewer" here!   Having done at least 4 interviews on ARNN --  and also gotten Scott Mandia, Mark Serreze, and Andrew Dressler on the show -- John has established such warm rapport that more conservative host, Chris Salcedo, now introduces him as "our pal, John Abraham."   Chris never interrupts, only challenges John indirectly (as in "some conservatives say...") and even reminds John that they have an outstanding date to share some beers!  

"Minnesota nice - but never back down" (Peter Sinclair) works great in this situation.   John answers every question respectfully, then quickly pivots back to his main point.    I wish he had spent just a bit more time rebutting the "human's aren't causing it" myth by pointing to the "fingerprints," because that is exactly where Chris remains stuck.   

But overall, another masterful job, which we posted on Climatebites.org today, along with links to further analysis of the specific techniques of effective interviewing that John demonstrates so admirably.

Does anybody have clips, or know the dates of the Dressler or Mandia interviews on ARNN?   I heard that Scott was particularly effective.   If I can dig them up I'll post them here.