2011-10-21 11:10:11A media interview I don't even remember doing
John Cook


I talked to the Westerner a while back when the Eureka nomination was first announced, this might have been from that. I really should keep better track. The nice thing is they let me get the last word:

Carbon legislation a taxing issue

John Cook, founder of climate change website Skeptical Science and co-author of Climate Change Denial, said the carbon tax was “fundamentally the best approach” to fixing the climate.

“The whole key to fixing the climate is we need to transition from our energy being based on fossil fuel and to a need to use clean energy,” Mr Cook said.

“The most efficient way to do it and the least expensive way to do it is to put a price on carbon. 

“It’s a hard sell because of all the misinformation and confusion and fear campaigning conducted by people who oppose climate action.

“The irony of the direct action plan by the Coalition is that it will cost billions of dollars as well, but at the end of it we won’t be a step closer to clean energy.”