2011-09-25 13:48:45John Cook CLEAN webcast June 15,2011 -- audio & ppt now available online
Tom Smerling


Just happened to stumble across JC's terrific June 15 webcast, to the CLEAN (Climate Literacy Energy Awareness Network).    They just uploaded it on Sept 2, it seems.

OK, it's not technically a media interview.   But it's worth noting as a masterful overview of climate denial for educators.    Particularly useful -- for diagnosis -- are the 5 major techniques of climate denial, so when you hear one you can name it....and puncture it.

Also instructive, for many of us, is JC's reasonable, even, non-polemical -- yet confident -- tone.    So it doesn't sound like somebody with "an ax to grind" or who's trying to "sell" something.    He just illuminates it.   

Another standout are his simple slides, downloadable from the site.    99.9% of scientific slides are so filled with details, tiny print and undecipherable clutter, than non-scientists (hey, even other scientists) just glaze over.    John strips away all the clutter to just reveal him one, main point.      Also, notice how few slides he uses.   In person, its even more true that usually "less is more."

Crystal clear and very persuasive.   Nice going, JC    :)


2011-09-25 15:33:05Thanks for the heads up, Tom
John Cook


Haven't even seen this yet. Delivering this talk was a weird experience, talking into a phone, speaking into the void with no audience feedback. This talk was meant to be the prototype of my AGU talk but since then I've done a lot more research into debunking misinformation so my approach is a bit more detailed (hopefully not TOO detailed, gotta keep the 'less is more' principle in mind).