2011-07-27 07:21:13John Abraham on whether skeptics should be given a voice
John Cook

2011-07-27 10:05:01
Dana Nuccitelli

Nicely done by John as always.  He was getting a little dangerously close to blaming hot weather on global warming, but then he clarified the issue well.  And it does help people personalize the effects of global warming, to know that these sorts of heat waves will become more common.  The point about giving 'skeptics' appropriately proportional media coverage was good too, and in fact that's what the BBC plans to do, I believe.

2011-07-27 11:13:10Nitpick
John Cook


In response to the "what about cold weather" objection, I wouldn't have led with "well, that's why we call it climate change" which sounds a little evasive. I would've said weather always throws record hot and cold but we're now seeing twice as many record highs compared to record lows. Then maybe use the loaded dice metaphor.

Good to use flat earthers. Another good way to look at it - should the media whenever they do a story about space travel, rocket launches, the space shuttle, etc, bring in a conspiracy theorist who thinks the moon landing was faked - to provide media balance?

2011-07-27 18:51:42
Rob Painting

The use of 'flat earthers etc, are great. What sort of comeback does a "skeptic" have for that? I think it's a great way of turning the tables on the ignoranti, as long as it is delivered in the way that John Abraham did - matter of fact, no invective. Even better was that he added more examples, of fringe views, throughout the interview. 

Like adding dye to water - you only need a little bit and it colours the whole thing. Jeet kune do!

2011-09-17 04:51:13That's baloney! ....but I'll buy you lunch.
Tom Smerling


John A leads the way in showing how its possible to make very strong statements -- there's no "pulling his punches" here -- yet deliver thing in such a friendly, affable way that nobody is offended.

    When the host (Chris) says 300-400 years ago it was as warm as today, John says "that's baloney" but then quickly invites Chris to lunch and says, "but you were right about something else."

A model for the rest of us!

PS.   John C. -- how did you hear aobut this segment on ARRN?   I was out of town it seems, and only discovered it here on SkS it 2 mos later!  

2011-09-18 11:36:15How i heard
John Cook


Either JA told me himself or Peter Sinclair posted it (or both)