2011-09-26 21:25:11Use the attention


A suggestion: Use the attention that Watts et al are giving skeptical science.  Instead of using up all the energy to answer and respond to skeptics on their terms do this:

Repost (slightly rewritten maybe) few of the most compelling evidence that you can find wich support the main arguments that skeptical science uses. Repost f.example something alongt the lines of "The big picture" - or the "Scientific Guide to Skeptism".

They are reading skeptical science now - waiting for response. Give them science instead.


2011-09-26 22:34:49
Steve Brown


And maybe have a nice big "Welcome to all our new readers from WUWT" on the home page ;-)

2011-09-27 18:07:50off topic
Otto Lehikoinen

maybe we should begin to invent conspiracy theories ourselves, and start a REAL discussion with the deniers of whose conspiracy theory is the best? IT would be a discussion on even ground, they'd have the advantage though, they've got more expertise on those. AND it would take some time to settle this matter, maybe there would even be an ENTERTAINING fist fight. Those who would keep on believing there's a truth on this AGW would be silenced in comfortable rooms and let them look at the TV abput fights between the competing conspiracy theories.


2011-09-27 19:09:12Getting back to serious matters
John Cook

Speaking of utilizing the attention, would love to draw more attention to the Guide. The silence from misinformers re the guide is deafening. Would be great to think of ways of making it more prominent. Thoughts, ideas?
2011-09-27 19:12:41


Come out with a new edition.

Make an analogy to those who refused to believe rumors of Jewish persecution.

That'll do it.

2011-09-27 19:44:43Hmm, how about I change the title?
John Cook

Change the title to "The Scientific Guide to Climate Denial". Boy, would that set the cat among the pigeons :-)
2011-09-27 20:05:37
Glenn Tamblyn


... maybe not the holocaust stuff Neal...

However, comparing things to the years before WWII might be useful. Don't tie it in just to the Holocaust but rather the entire denial of the threat from Nazism - Chamberlain and his Peace in our Time, Mosley and his blackshirts, Churchill's speeches - "So they go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent"

There are so many great quotes and speeches out there from times past. In the age of tweets, maybe sentiments expressed with great cadence can carry a novel and refreshing weight.


2011-09-27 20:12:33



That's what I was thinking of: Not so much the death-camps as the warm-up period, when hysteria was being whipped up, and justifications for the loss of WWI.

Heck, Monckton is already comparing us to brownshirts, so maybe we should say that he is the real brownshirt.

2011-09-27 20:13:58


No, we probably shouldn't stoop that low.


2011-09-28 00:02:26


A post reminding regulars about the guide wouldn't go astray.   Perhaps this could be one of those 'Ask for suggestions' posts. 

Ask if people think any of it needs updating, rewriting, reorganising, whatever.   (And anyone who comes up with a laundry list of amendments and addenda gets the predictable invitation to join the writing team.)   

But it's a good way to jog everyone's memory about the many lines of evidence.   And, of course, to point any newbies from other realms to the best summary ever produced anywhere.

2011-09-28 00:14:26
Dan Friedman

It's a hallmark of the other side to play the Nazi card; I usually say that he who brings that up must have nothing else to say.  Any pre-WW2 history references will set that off


What else was denied and argued over?  Age of earth - Thomson vs. Huxley, Huxley vs. Wilberforce? Not sexy, but it is about science.  Also takes the 'we're Galileo' bluff out of the discussion.