2011-09-05 13:35:35And now for something completely different
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

My better half & I just attended a post-marathon reality adjustment therapy session (translation: we let our hair down to vent months of tension by sharing some premium local microbrews) at our local brew pub, Blackrocks BreweryAndy Langlois (Andy performed with the Dave Matthews Band for a while) was just jamming with a friend when 2 friends (Jeordie & The Mixology Project) from Arizona wandered in.  Andy talked them into an impromtu jam session (played about 6 songs):

Great times!

2011-09-05 15:03:56
Julian Brimelow

Looks like fun Daniel...reminds me I was wathcing Calton on TV last night playing with some other big names like ZZ top...twas great!