2011-08-24 02:23:22Tar sands post re-publised in the Guardian
Dana Nuccitelli

Thanks to Rob P for noticing.  We didn't even send this one to the Guardian, they just picked it up from monitoring our main page, apparently.  All those times we sent them posts suggesting they might re-publish to no avail, and now they just go and take one without us even asking!


2011-08-24 02:39:15
Dana Nuccitelli

Oh and it also breaks all of our supposed rules about targeting mainstream media sources.  It's got an absolute ton of links, a graphic, and section headings.

I also wish I knew they were planning to post this ahead of time, because I used the term "gas" instead of "gasoline" (or petrol), and I also just noticed a typo on the figure caption.  Well, serves me right for being a little sloppy.

2011-08-24 03:06:33Dana
John Hartz
John Hartz

The Guardian article will likely show-up on Coomon Dreams and some of the other progressive news blogs in the US.

Good job!

2011-08-24 03:29:33
Paul D


Probably sending loads of press releases in the past has made sure they noticed SkS.

2011-08-24 04:08:36
Dana Nuccitelli

The Guardian has been monitoring SkS posts for quite a while as part of their Environmental Network, where they re-publish posts from environmental blogs.  But they monitor a lot of sites, and don't publish very many posts on their Network.  Several times John has sent them suggestions of posts which we've targeted Guardian specifically with, and often the editor says he likes them and will post if they have an opening, but it just hasn't happened (except for the Lindzen Case Study post way back in January).

So basically over the past 7 months we've struck out big time in trying to get them to re-publish another of our posts.  Then suddenly they pick this one up without us even saying anything to them about it, and without us every trying to target a MSM audience with it. 

It's just one of those things where you have to get lucky with the stars aligning.  They probably just happened to be looking for a McKibben/tar sands-specific post and liked ours well enough to publish.

2011-08-24 07:08:56
Alex C


"Lucky," maybe.  Like most blogs, we keep up to date with current events - is it luck you published a tar sands article as the situation is gaining international headlines?  This I think is a good indication that the Guardian looks to SkS (and you) for quality material.


2011-08-24 07:45:17
Dana Nuccitelli

Thanks Alex.  It's one of those situations where we put ourselves in the position to get lucky.  A lot like the IEA CO2 post/graphic that went viral.  In this case I think it was neal who made the suggestion to do a post on the tar sands, which I ran with, which Guardian then picked up.

2011-08-24 07:46:05


I guess the lesson is, "Always put your best foot forward."

2011-08-24 08:00:54


Publishing an article in the Guardian is a great achievement. On the Internet the paper is ranked 3rd in world terms behind he NY Times and a Chinese newspaper. Shame it has such poor sales in the UK.

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2011-08-24 08:10:58
Rob Painting

Congrats Dana, that's what you get for a well written topical article. Sometimes at least.