2011-08-09 06:58:02Schools of fish help squeeze more power from wind farms


I really find it fascinating how studying one discipline could lead to a breakthough in a completely different field such as this. This sort of thing is exactly what we need in the UK with our limited land due to all the NIMBYism.

A new wind farm design mimics a school of fish to exploit wind turbulence, and could dramatically improve power output. Familiar propeller-style wind turbines with large sweeping blades have almost reached their limit of efficiency. But in a wind farm, they must be spaced widely apart to avoid turbulence from the other turbines. This has limited wind farm power output to around two watts per square metre of land at favourable sites. But redesigned wind farms could perhaps get up to 10 times more power from the same land. A test array in the California desert takes a whole new approach to the problem, according to a study published in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy.


2011-08-09 08:27:46
Paul D


Yeah, that research popped up about a year ago, or at least that's when I spotted it.
I think I down loaded the intitial research.

I'm wondering what the noise and other environmental impacts would be like though??