2011-07-25 19:26:25Does anyoneI remember a story by Asimov (?)
Tom Curtis


about a post apocayptic world in which bears in North America, and monkeys in Africa who have developed human level intelligence.  Indeed the bears are even more intelligent than that, and much smarter individually than the monkeys, but the do not cooperate.  As a result the monkey civilization is advancing technically far faste than that of the bears.


Does anyone remember the title of the story, and which anthology (or anthologies) it appears in?



2011-07-25 20:12:59
Rob Painting

No connection.

2011-07-25 20:36:11


This reminds me of another short story by Asimov, Nightfall, about the conflict between science and a religious cult.

2011-07-26 01:21:05
Tom Curtis


Thank you Rob.  That is exactly the one, and I have found it now in The Early Asimov Vol 3.

2011-07-26 01:26:04
Tom Curtis


Riccardo, when I was very much younger than I am today, I had some thought of being a science fiction writer.  As a first attempt, I thought about how life would be different for an intelligent species in a multiple star system.  I has been working on this idea for a day or so when I sat down and read Nightfall.


Asimov's introduction was along the lines of that he was lucky to be the first person to come up with an idea, and now the idea was so distinctively his that no one else could copy it.


Damn him!  He was right.


(Not, of course, that I could have handled the idea anywhere near as well as Asimov.)