2011-07-16 10:29:07Climate Change On Kilimanjaro
John Hartz
John Hartz

This is the first new article about Mt. Kilimanjaro that I have come across in quite a while. It is posted on:

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Until linking to this article, I did not know that theenergycollective website existed. I particularly like the way it is formated.   

2011-07-17 03:37:34
Julian Brimelow


Kili is  not a good poster child for AGW.  There is much debate about the reason for the glaciers' decline there.  Unfortunately, to my klnowledge, none of them are that convincing or are corroborated by reliable, long-term observations.  For example, the claims that the glaciers are receding because of reduced transpiration on account of deforestation in the vicintiy of the mountain is very deubious to me, b/c one has to demonstrate that the reduced transpiration is sufficient to affect regional precipitation, nevermind precipitation on the summit. Nobody has bothered to even try and join the dots there, but are apparently just making an assumption.

My hypothesis is that the glaciers are retreating indirectly because AGW, the possible reason being that AGW is changing the monsoon in that area, and that in turn is decreasing precipitation on the summit.  But I have not tried to demonstrate that either ;)

It is a beautiful and interesting place; when I summited back in 1996, the glaciers were alrerady greatly depleted....