2011-07-08 14:26:47Inhofe almost kills a few people - literally
Dana Nuccitelli

Inhofe, aside from being a global warming denying prick...sorry, I mean Senator, is also a pilot.  Recently he decided to land his plane on a runway which was closed and under construction.  With construction workers and their vehicles and equipment on the runway.

"Boyd [construction supervisor] said Inhofe’s antics “scared the crap out of” workers, adding that the Cessna “damn near hit” a red truck. Referring to the vehicle’s driver, Boyd added, “I think he actually wet his britches, he was scared to death. I mean, hell, he started trying to head for the side of the runway. The pilot could see him, or he should have been able to, he was right on him.”

Boyd also said that Inhofe showed little contrition following the close call. “He come over here and started being like, 'What the hell is this? I was supposed to have unlimited airspace."

"airport manager Marshall Reece tore into Inhofe’s piloting. “I’ve got over 50 years flying, three tours of Vietnam,” Reece said, “and I can assure you I have never seen such a reckless disregard for human life in my life.” He then added, “Something needs to be done. This guy is famous for these violations."

Something was done - Inhofe no doubt used his political influence to get no more than a slap on the wrist.  He then proceeded to introduce a "Pilot's Bill of Rights" in the Senate to guard his fellow pilots against ordeals like the one he has endured.

"I did nothing wrong, but at any time I could have suffered the revocation of a license"

What a scuzzbucket.

2011-07-08 14:50:04
Rob Honeycutt


People lose their pilot's license for a LOT less that that, I can tell you that for sure.  

Note to Inhofe:  The big red X at either end of the runway means, "Do not land on this runway."  I know that's cryptic and all but that's what it means.  Learn it.

What a fricking idiot.

[Correction: The X is usually white on a closed runway, and the article states that the runway was marked with a large yellow X, which I believe denotes a temporary runway closure.  No matter how you cut it the FAA make sure that pilots know when you should not land on a particular runway.]

2011-07-08 15:08:22
Dana Nuccitelli

I guess it's not news that Inhofe is an idiotic corrupt selfish asshole with no regard for anyone else's wellbeing.  But it still amazes me that he can just get away with this sort of garbage, and then come out thinking he's the victim.

2011-07-08 16:42:00
Rob Honeycutt


The same traits that make the oil industry say, "That's our guy!"  It's the same traits that keeps the big money coming in for his re-election campaigns.

2011-07-09 01:27:58
Alex C


>>>I was supposed to have unlimited airspace.

You know, those flying trucks do often get in the way.  I once had a flight delayed because there was a whole flock of them just gliding around the airport, quite the sight but sure pissed me off too.

2011-07-09 01:30:46


I hope someone uses this against him in his next election.