2011-06-30 16:51:48Article by Ian Chubb Australias Chief scientist


Ian Chubbs article that orginally appeared in the New Scientist has now been published on the Australian Braodcasting Comissions webste The Drum'. Hope he has thick skin as sadly there will be plenty of negative comments....

First three paragraph of the article:

Since my appointment as Australia’s Chief Scientist in late May I have inevitably been drawn into the debate surrounding climate change. While I took this role to advocate for all of science, the nature of the climate change debate allows me to emphasise the importance of scientific evidence and informed opinions –not the loud or the personal. 

Sometimes scientific research can lead to discoveries and findings that people do not want to hear, but that does not mean that they shouldn’t hear them or that governments should not respond to them. As experts in their field, scientists have an obligation to use their expertise to help inform the public and policy makers. These experts are not setting out to incite anger; they are communicating the findings of their extensive research.

These scientists do not write policies, that is the role of the Government. I do believe though that it is important for their research to be heard and understood in order for the policy writers to make the most informed choices possible.