2011-06-09 04:37:19Australian Survey
Paul D


Just spotted this was re-posted at Ove's Climate Shifts blog:


As usual the comments are the most entertaining parts.

Some classics:

"The world becomes 100 tons heavier every day because of falling space dust. Why don't the Greens, ALP and Independents 'Tialition' take a world leadership role and solve this environmental calamity by initially introducing a space dust tax followed by a market based space dust trading scheme?"
(Assuming this is correct, because the dust isn't produced by humans)

"Remember people Earths atmosphere :Nitrogen 78%,Oxygen 21%,Argon Approx 1% CO2 is a trace gas Approx 0.038%...Humankind responsible for 3% (of the 0.038%) and Australia 1% (of the 3%)and of this Carbon makes up about only about 27% of CO2."

"the other thing our stupid govt does is they let trees rot in forests rather than mill them even though while they decompose they use more oxygen than they filtered through their life and produce more co2 than they ever removed"
(I'm assuming the idea of habitat and biodiversity passes straight over this persons head)

"How much carbon does a volcano put into the atmosphere?....... Climate change is certainly happening, but it is generally accepted that this does so with some regularity, even if we are talking over several hundred years. Why is this information kept from the public and the government's agenda is pedalled with such effort?"

"Stephen Schneider declared that in earlier times the Earth orbit was twisted more toward the sun and none of the audience picked this up as an error.
The Sun is and always will be exactly in the plane of the Earth orbit."


There are a few sane people there, such as BarrieM.

2011-06-09 06:09:20
Dana Nuccitelli

It was mentioned in the comments to my TV media post too.  Good news - if it's accurate, you would think there's a good chance Australia will implement that carbon tax.

2011-06-09 06:35:42About those comments...
John Hartz
John Hartz

Is home schooling widespread in Australia?