2011-06-04 04:13:05Science Deniers: Hand Over Your Cellphones! -- NPR Post
John Hartz
John Hartz

Please take the time to read this excellent post.


The author of "Science Deniers: Hand Over Your Cellphones!", Adam Frank, addesses another dimension of climate denialism that was not addressed in John Cook's essay, "The Difference between skeptics and Climate Deniers" or in "Climate Truthers: Why Global Warming Deniers are Conspiracy Ttheorists."

"Science Deniers: Hand Over Your Cellphones!" is the basis of the the NPR blog cited in Everyone is getting into the act! -- NPR defines climate skeptics



2011-06-04 05:28:48
Dana Nuccitelli

Yeah good article. I liked the end.

Evolution? The answer is "Yes". Some form of anthropogenic climate change? As best as the world's scientific community can tell: yes as well! Beyond that that "yes" the questions are all about policy, not science. People need to make that distinction. If they can't, then it's time, perhaps, for them to be consistent. Don't pick and choose between the science you like and the ones you deny. Chose between science and no science at all.