2011-04-14 14:18:52Sour grapes at WUWT re the George Mason U award for climate communication
John Cook


Anthony Watts grisels that WUWT were not counted in the GMU awards



I got the biggest chuckle from seeing skepticalscience.com listed as an “organization”.

Hey, we're halfway organised, when we want to be :) And methinks he protests too much:

Lest some think this is some sort of sour grapes, it isn’t.

2011-04-14 14:28:10Couldn't resist peeking at the comments threads
John Cook


Usually WUWT comments threads are a black pit of tinfoil-hat-wearing bitterness that I try to avoid but couldn't help having a quick look this time. Came upon this gem:


skepticalscience.com is an organisation in the same way the mafia is. The moderators operate with total lack of transparency, communicating by disappearing anyone who seriously challenges the “family” with rational and logical argument.
Whilst the insiders increasingly communicate amongst themselves how clever they are, due to it’s recent change of direction led by the said enforcers, it should now consider a name change to Political Science to complete the transformation.

I think I might have to make that commenter an offer they can't refuse. And this one's just mean (poor Greg):


Hegemony strikes again, the nominations are obviously rigged! There’s no place to write in Greg Craven!

2011-04-14 14:29:05LOL
Dana Nuccitelli

"Lest some think this is some sort of sour grapes, it isn’t."

The denier doth protest too much, methinks.

2011-04-14 16:41:48


WUWT should get a pots and kettles award.

And, of course, the 'Fastest Disinformer Retraction' award.



2011-04-14 16:49:37
James Wight


Incidentally, have I told you all how clever I am recently?*


2011-04-14 22:09:47


2011-04-14 23:02:40


a kinder, gentler version... :)


2011-04-15 08:08:44
John Cook

Nice bow tie :-)
2011-04-15 08:26:33BTW, Marc Morano weighs in on GMU award in his usual classy style
John Cook


Wacko Activist Michael Mann (Who Tim Ball said belongs in the 'State Pen') nominates warmist Joe Romm for Climate 'Communicator of the Year'!! mann@psu.edu

2011-04-15 18:45:34
Glenn Tamblyn


How invigorating and uplifting. The more the denial crackpot advocates fume and fulminate, the more they help us. Sure they weld a certain percentage of folks ever harder to the mighty edifice of the RMS TitanicallyInDenial. But the scarier they look, the more they will will put off Joe Average. Sure I'm Right-Wing. But Jesus Wept, not like that.

We want the Mark Morano's and AW's to fulminate ever louder. Remember Joe McCarthy. Wipped up the people against the 'demons' of communism (and hollywood, and depravity - Tullullah Bankhead, Rest In Peace darling). Then along came Television and the American public saw that this guy was a sacry loon. Exit Joe.

The more we can stir up Mark, Joe, The Potty Lord, etc, the better.

Just imagine, a Republican Senator who doesn't want to associate with Morano or Monckton, because they are poison.