2011-04-13 07:45:49Busy for a while


I did not contribute much lately. I've been contacted by an italian editor to write a book on the history of climate studies and global warming. After some stop & go, it's now time to start. I definitely need to study and, above all, write.

I'm afraid I won't have much time to be of any real help but I won't be missing in action either; you'll hear from me anyway :)

2011-04-13 08:23:19good luck
Dana Nuccitelli

Very cool, good luck on the book, Riccardo!

2011-04-13 08:48:18Support for book
John Cook


Be sure to use SkS to promote the book when it comes out :-)

2011-04-13 09:58:08Attaboy
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Best, Riccardo!

We're all here for a resource, should you need one!

2011-04-14 07:31:47


Thank you mates for your support. I'm sure I'd get help here, should I need. In the end, I'm writing this book to do the same thing we all do here, talk about the problem our children will face to fight those who'd like us do nothing.