2011-02-16 18:32:37A new meme: Nazis invented global warming alarmism
John Cook


Read it and weep:


2011-02-16 21:44:15


They should have said the Nazis were first to raise the alarm on the dangers of tobacco (true). The concerns may have been taken more seriously earlier it is wasn't for the poor image of the regime.  There was also support for animal welfare. Quite bizarre considering what happened.

2011-02-17 02:47:06
Paul D

The US Apollo space programme benefited from Werner Van Braun's expertise!
Although I'm guessing they would use that as an excuse to close down NASA!
2011-02-17 03:29:18
Rob Honeycutt


You know, I honestly think posts like this are a good sign.  A few extremists are very very vocal but most people are more moderate.  When stuff like this comes out it works to marginalize their side.  People in the middle start inching their way back away from these folks when they talk like this.

I was emailing with Dana the other day and we were both noting that we are starting to see fissures in the fortress the deniers have built.  None would ever admit it but I think they're starting to actually question their position.  If we just keep putting the science out there I think the walls will eventually come down.

2011-02-17 04:48:37Rob Honeycutt
John Hartz
John Hartz

I haven't seen any "fissures" develop among the climate deniers that I am encountering on the comment threads of the media articles that I post on.

In fact, I believe that the Climate Denial spin Machine is deliberately "carpet bombing" the comment threads with everything they's got (regardless of whether or not it has been debunked or disproven) as part of the overall startgey of the Republican-Tea Party-Libertarian cabal's efforts to strip the ability of the EPA to regulate GHG emissions under the Clean Air Act.

Th Republican-Tea Party-Libertarian cabal has a deep and abiding fear of taxation, the redistribution orf wealth both within the US and internationally, and the loss of sovreignty.  From their perspectives, the science of AGW is part and parcel of the liberal-communist-facist agenda of the Left. Becasue of this, they are not capable of distinguishing between how scientist's are defining the "problem" and how politicians are defing the "solutions."

2011-02-17 04:52:52Speaking of Nazism
John Hartz
John Hartz

From my perspective, there are many parallels between the arch-conservative movement in the US that is being orchestrated by the Koch brothers, Ruippert Murdoch, and their super rich cronies and the early rise of the Nazi party in Germany.

I'll leave it at that for now. 

2011-02-17 05:31:31
Rob Honeycutt


On the top side I see good things.  Obama's approval rating is improving.  Right-wing talk show ratings are way down.  

On the bottom side (comments sections of denier blogs) I more and more get the sense that deniers are flailing.  They were emboldened by climategate but that turned into nothing.  Evidence is piling up against them.  They're having to make more and more extreme and baseless claims to even have a point to argue.  This Nazi piece is a prime example.

Perhaps I'm just an optimist but I honestly think the denier position is starting to erode.  It's going to at some point anyway.  Sooner or later climate change is going to become painfully obvious to everyone on the planet.  We're just hoping that people wake up sooner than later. 

2011-04-24 17:20:54PARODY.


Ladies and gentlemen of SkS, we need some parody. American Thinker has the most "reputation" of all the other dummkopfs who parroted this meme, so I chose it as one of my characters. We're all familiar with the other character.

The Nazi Origins of Apocalyptic Global Warming.


The voice of American Thinker: Oh Adolf. Please come here.

Adolf Hitler: Why did you bring me back from the dead?

The voice of American Thinker: I just wanted to make a point to some people.

Adolf Hitler: Huh?

The voice of American Thinker: I just need you to answer a couple of questions.

Adolf Hitler: Are you Jewish?

The voice of American Thinker: Just tell me, Adolf, is the earth round like a ball?

Adolf Hitler: You called me back from the dead to ask me such a stupid question? Of course the earth is round like a ball!

The voice of American Thinker: There, you see my fellow Skeptics? You heard Adolf say the earth was round like a ball with your own ears!

Skeptic audience: Lets out a collective gasp.

The voice of American Thinker: That my fellow Skeptics is definite proof that our planet is flat as a pancake. Or perhaps it's shaped like a burrito.

Skeptic audience: Collectively nod their heads in agreement and murmur words of assent.

The voice of American Thinker: One more question, Adolf.

Adolf Hitler: Holy Swastika, what now?

The voice of American Thinker: Does 2+2=4?

Adolf Hitler: Why am I not surprised? Of course 2+2=4, you subhuman dummkopf!

The voice of American Thinker: What more can I tell you my dear Skeptics. Definite proof that 2+2=5. Or maybe it equals 3? Never mind. You can pick out any number you want, so long as its not 4.

Skeptic audience: Applauding, cheering.

Adolf Hitler: I'm glad that I did not conquer the United States!

The voice of American Thinker: That's all I wanted to ask you Adolf. You can go back to your grave now.

Adolf Hitler: No questions about history?

The voice of American Thinker: Who cares about history? Run along now.

If it's not claimed I'd like to write this up. It may not be a well known "skeptic' septic argument but making prominent mention of it too the public may get some of them thinking about the credibility of these dummkopfs.

2011-04-24 18:57:24


Global warmungs


Der shortass Feuhrer Adolf

 Von Schickelgruberstein

Didz bilt ein conkret fortress

 Dat voz der Seigfried line.

Und bilt den kohl-power kraftwerk

 mit spitzen-sparkz und such

vot? Did das chucken sootz out

 Jahwohl!  Too bluttig much!


Und zo der cunning meister

 putz out der tons von soot

vot macht der kohlendioxid

 not macht alle manz kaput.


Zo! Ja! Der nazi party

 didz startz der globe warmz kraft

Ich weiss! Ich bin ein schmarty

 zu hell mit wissenschaft!



All of which makes about as much sense as the Climate Change Dishwash article alluded to.  ;-)

2011-04-24 19:36:19


Another example:

Quantum Mechanics was fundamentally advanced by Werner Heisenberg - who also spearheaded the Nazi effort to develop a nuclear weapon!

So we can't possibly credit anything developed based on QM. Turn off your computer, turn in your CDs/DVDs/iPhones, stop driving...

2011-04-24 22:12:30An interesting anecdote about Heisenberg
John Cook

I actually learned this anecdote from the Terminator TV series (!) and was so intrigued, I researched into it to verify. During WWII, an American spy travelled into Nazi Germany and attended a lecture by Heisenberg. His mission was to discern whether Heisenberg was close to completing the A-bomb and if so, to assassinate him. Fortunately for Heisenberg (and the rest of the free world, come to think of it), he never succeeded.

Pity the TV series got cancelled. Not enough sci-fi on TV :-(

2011-04-24 22:55:34


Heisenberg's revolutionary work was done in the late 1920's, although he also made important contributions into the 1940's. I don't think he did much of interest after WWII; to some extent, he was shunned because of being one of the very few quantum heroes who did NOT leave Nazi Germany.

So it probably would not have made much scientific difference if he had been assassinated at that time. Except that the Nazis might have found someone more practical to put in charge of their nuclear-bomb project.

I saw Heisenberg at UC Berkeley in the 1970's. He died not long thereafter. I don't think there was an obituary published in Physics Today, which is kind of astonishing.