2011-02-15 02:56:34Climate skeptic radiative forcing
Mark Richardson
Another great post from DenialDepot - blog science for real people!
2011-02-15 17:14:56Now this is what I call a mission statement
Glenn Tamblyn


This from DD - their About blurb


We are not afraid to be called climate "deniers". In fact we embrace it as medal of honor bestowed on us by our alarmist foes. Galileo was a Denier. It is not an insult. I call this blog "Denier Depot" for that reason.

Welcome to my climate science blog.

I believe that one day all science will be done on blogs because we bloggers are natural skeptics, disbelieving the mainstream and accepting the possibility of any alternative idea.

We stand unimpressed by "textbooks", "peer review journals" and so-called "facts". There are no facts, just dissenting opinion. We are infinitely small compared to nature and can't grasp anything as certain as a fact.

Nothing is settled and we should question everything. The debate is NOT over Gore! When so-called "experts" in their "peer reviewed journals" say one thing, we dare the impossible and find imaginative ways to believe something else entirely.

Maybe he really is serious about the leprechauns!

2011-02-15 20:02:57
Mark Richardson
DD is a great satire. Some absolute gold on there - it's pretty much a piss take of WUWT and the likes.
2011-02-15 20:22:03
Rob Painting
Geez, pissed myself laughing at that one!. Like a leprechaun's pot; pure gold!.
2011-02-15 23:21:28


Denial Depot is probably the best, but two others worth having a look at are the climate scum and Friends of gin and tonic.  In the latter our own John Cook is immortalised in the last post if you look closely.

2011 Almanach pt.1

January: The Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences debuts publishing climate change denial with a contribution by Greg Loehle and Fred Singer.

February: The Friends of Science, Calgary’s notorious spin doctors, stop asking their website visitors to listen to their new radio ads as November 2009 is long gone, while ignoring another La Nina in their 10 year climate trend. An anonymous liberal drops off a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the Friends of Science’s headquarters. Two friends die from stroke, three more from heart attacks. Only one survives.

March: Lord Monckton is caught in flagranti in an airport washroom with National Post correspondent Lorne Gunter. Both gentlemen deny the accusations and win the debate with the police officers. They decide to run their own blog called The Climate Scum. Denial Depot has its annual spring sale: Lord Monckton acquires a new tea cosy and Dr. Roy Spencer another doctorate. Steffi McImtiresome and Rose McKritik come finally out as a bunch of dykes. Not good in an ultraconservative environment. Keith Briffa starts dating the rings around Uranus and Raymond Pierrehumbert answers his first email from FoGT..............

2011-02-15 23:43:39
Paul D


I like Climate Scum and the reworking of Paul Nurses question:

"If a dear relative was suffering from a fatal disease, would you opt for the "consensus" treatment recommended by eco-fascist grant-grabbing bedwetting doctors hellbent on destroying Western civilisation, or advice to drink more orange juice offered by a British Lord who has already found a cure for HIV, MS and the Common Cold?"