2011-01-12 07:10:30Calvin Wolff
John Hartz
John Hartz


For the past couple of days, I have engaged in a running dialogue with a \"climate skeptic\" on an article posted on Grist. Hereˇ's the text of a note he posted today. My question,¬†is there anything posted on Calvin Wolffˇ's website that hasnˇ't been thoroughly rebutted by posts on Skeptical Science?

@Badgersouth I am impressed with this breakdown of your theory, it is far
better than most I have read. here is a refutation of your theory in part
from this site:


Now bear in mind that I am seeking the truth in this matter. I am trained
in environmental science and am primarily concerned with pollutants and the
degradation of ecosystems. I do not want our ecosystem to be traded as
carbon credits or our citizens to be held responsible for the dastardly
deeds of industrialists and commodity traders.

You can see the comment at the following URL:

2011-01-12 10:33:59
Paul D

Neither links seem to work.
2011-01-12 10:56:41yikes
Dana Nuccitelli
Wow that Calvin Wolff site is baaaaaaaad.  Here's a working link by the way.  I didn't see anything there that we haven't rebutted here.
2011-01-12 17:31:45
Glenn Tamblyn




You mean we can't disprove Climate Science with a few calc's on a spreadsheet. There goes my PhD down the tubes.

2011-01-12 20:00:57



An effective technique for dealing with a "look at this website that disproves AGW" is to ask your interlocutor to pick JUST ONE of the arguments that s/he believes in, and discuss that single topic in detail.

Rinse & Repeat.

2011-01-13 00:36:11
Peter Miesler
GT writes: "mean we can't disprove Climate Science with a few calc's on a spreadsheet. There goes my PhD down the tubes."

You're too late anyways, don't you know AGW was disproven... by a fourth grader no less:

~ ~ ~
4th grade student just won the Junior Division of the National Science Fair for a project entitled ‚ÄúDisproving Global Warming.‚ÄĚ



2011-01-13 00:48:55
John Hartz
John Hartz

Thank you all for the feedback.

Here's the text of the response I posted (prior to reading your comments).

"I have perused Calvin Wolff's website and am not impressed by the body of his work.


"He has never published a paper in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. 


"One of the few citations he provides is to a paper prepared for a notorious climate denial website.


"I reject your assertion that he has refuted the theory of AGW. "



BTW, I do belief that Calvin Wolff is the person behind one of my nemises in the blogging world. He goes by the username "Netdr" and posts on the comment threads of articles posted on the USA Today website.   

2011-01-13 16:03:14
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

NETDR has posted here many times, last on December 28 on the PDO thread.


See for yourself:


2011-01-13 17:45:45Netdr
John Cook


For the record, Netdr's IP address comes from Houston, Texas (this is the advantage of being friends with the webmaster :-).

Quick google of Calvin Wolff. At http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/climatechangedebate/?tab=s, a user Calvin M. Wolff has a profile page indicating they're from Seabrook, Texas.

Google maps tells me Seabrook is a suburb 30 minutes from the heart of Houston. It's not conclusive proof - correlation is not causation :-) but pretty suggestive.

Anyway, I'm all Nancy Drewed out for the day.

2011-01-14 04:18:08
John Hartz
John Hartz

Two years ago, the "netdr" was posting under the username "Oliver Stone." He was then arguing the calculations/conclusions posted on the Calvin Wolff website.

John Cook: Thanks for checking this out.