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 2012-02-27-Tom Harris university lecture. He actually teaches this in a college course!.html
 2012-02-15-Irony overload_ old Plimer paper on creationism.html
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 2012-01-20-False Alarm by Paul Macrae.html
 2011-12-12-Morano's A-Z Guide.html
 2011-11-02-Matt Ridley screed on BH.html
 2011-10-26-2 gold stars for whoever can achieve this task....html
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 2011-07-17-ABC Radio long feature on Monckton and other deniers.html
 2011-07-15-One more crazy idea to add to the ever-growing list_ using denier's quotes to debunk skeptic arguments.html
 2011-07-13-A new forum featuring _two dozen of the world's leading skeptics of the greenhouse gas theory_.html
 2011-07-12-New feature_ # of peer-reviewed papers by climate skeptics.html
 2011-07-07-Free market views from climate deniers.html
 2011-06-29-Plimer vs Plimer.html
 2011-06-28-ΓÇ£They said it would never rain, then it didΓÇ¥ meme.html
 2011-06-23-Bob Carter natural cycle prediction.html
 2011-05-23-Muller clanger - warming halted in 1998.html
 2011-05-20-Making Anthony Watts accountable for his surface station disinformation.html
 2011-05-20-Live rebutting of the Heartland Conference on June 30.html
 2011-05-11-Prof Humlum and his fellowship (Norway) - back again.html
 2011-04-28-Ronald D. Voisin.html
 2011-04-20-Kary Mullis.html
 2011-04-19-Started a new forum on Poptech.html
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 2011-04-13-Jo Nova and David Evans Youtube at Denier rallies.html
 2011-04-10-Added country to skeptic database.html
 2011-04-08-Monckton is touring down-under in July.html
 2011-04-07-Desmogblog's database of disinformers.html
 2011-04-04-Plimer Pretenses - a motherlode of Plimer rebuttals from Ian Enting.html
 2011-03-30-GOP politicians contradicting themselves on climate action.html
 2011-03-25-Muller Misinformation_ a blog series.html
 2011-03-21-How to add skeptic quotes to the database.html
 2011-03-11-Tim Ball launches a website.html
 2011-03-08-Call to action - help collect quotes on skeptics.html
 2011-03-07-Help with addressing a climate skeptic university lecturer.html
 2011-02-22-Matt Ridley.html
 2011-02-13-Watts and Pielke's paper.html
 2011-02-10-How to assign articles to skeptics.html
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 2011-01-31-Most of the last 10,000 years were warmer.html
 2011-01-31-Excerpts of skeptic arguments.html
 2011-01-20-Summary of Singer disinformation.html
 2011-01-19-how far do we want to take the myths series_.html
 2011-01-18-Stealing Dana's thunder on costs of inaction vs action.html