2012-02-15 17:28:03Irony overload: old Plimer paper on creationism
John Cook


Bumped into this quite accidentally in my travels:

Communication with Fanatical Fundamentalists

Rational communication with irrational fanatical fundamentalists is an exercise in futility as two absolutely irreconciliable sets of beliefs are diametrically polarised. Creationists are pressurising the school system to teach a strict literal fundamentalist religious view of science on an equal basis with all other science. Public exposure of the financial fraud of the creationists, their heresy, their destruction of literature and their fabrication of 'facts' have been used to discredit the sect leaders and in an attempt to stop the growth of creationism in the education system. If litigation threats are the gauge of success, then this method of communication has been most effective.

I note he uses the same rhetoric against mainstream scientists yet he is actually describing himself now.