2011-08-30 09:49:01Myth Monitor Phase 1 (pre-beta testing period)
John Cook


I had a number of volunteers email me offering to help build up our database of deniers/quotes/links. So I've started work on a crowd sourcing system making it easier for people to access - and an important part of crowd sourcing is reporting on who is submitting what.

I've set up a very rough, initial version of Myth Monitor - can some SkSers have a look, submit some quotes and links, offer some feedback on what they'd like to see. After feedback, I'll then begin beta-testing, getting all the beta-test volunteers to have a go at the system. Here's the URL:


A few notes:

  • Still not happy with the title "Myth Monitor", welcome a better suggestion
  • You're all going to hate me for this but up till now, the system didn't record who submitted a quote. So no credits for any existing quotes in the system. Only new quotes will now get credited. Sorry! :-(
  • I've tweaked the database so links (eg - blog posts, peer reviewed papers, etc) now have two date fields - the published date and the date added to our database.
2011-09-02 14:16:18Added complete list of deniers to Myth Monitors
John Cook


Added a new feature to Myth Monitor - a complete list of all deniers and the # of quotes, links and SkS blogs on each as well as colour coding to indicate which have been published. A good overview - and if you've added quotes and links for an unpublished denier, let me know and I'll add them to http://sks.to/skeptics

Will continue adding features regularly so feedback on how to make it more useful is very welcome.

2011-09-02 14:49:04
Dana Nuccitelli
I quoted from Solomon in the CERN post. Will have to make sure to add one of those blog map things. *edit* Done! Looks like somebody already added a good cosmic ray quote from him too.