2011-07-12 10:58:48New feature: # of peer-reviewed papers by climate skeptics
John Cook


Jim Powell emailed me this cool suggestion:

The other day you had a post on SkS that used the ISI Web of Science to see how many peer-reviewed publications certain deniers had to their name. I wondered, "why didn't I think of that," not the first time. I then tried it out on Tim Ball and found that he has two published articles. This made me wonder whether it would be a good idea to create on SkS a "Rogue's Gallery" in which you would have a photo of each of the prominent deniers and the number of peer-reviewed articles each has. This would show a lot for Lindzen say, and zero for Monckton and Lomborg and many others. There would be some in between like maybe Willie Soon, though I suspect most of his are in non-peer-reviewed journals.

Upon reflection, I realised we already had all the database infrastructure to display such a resource - we have deniers with photos, we have a database of peer-reviewed papers and the ability to link papers to deniers. What we have at SkS now is a very interesting and useful database and all we need to do to make it tell interesting stories is join up the various dots. Like a brain that grows more powerful by forming pathways between neurons :-)

So I just quickly coded up a webpage to show the # of peer-reviewed papers by each climate denier:


Of course this is not fit for public consumption until the data is curated a little. Jim is keen to help with making the connections in the database and if others want to help him build the database, here are the instructions on how to build it:

  1. Identify a peer-reviewed paper by a climate denier
  2. Check if it's already listed in our database. Go to Skeptic Admin and at the bottom of the page, enter the title (or at least part of the title) in the search form
  3. If the paper doesn't appear, you need to add the paper to our database via the Add Link Form or using the SkS Firefox Add-on. Make sure the article type is "Peer Review Study"
  4. Once the paper is added, go back to Skeptic Admin and search for the title again to bring it up in the search results
  5. Click on the paper title in the search results
  6. Select the skeptic in the drop down, click 'Assign to Skeptic' and the paper will now appear under that skeptic's name.
  7. If the skeptic isn't listed in the drop down, you'll need to add him to our database of skeptics. To do this, go to our database of skeptics, click Add Skeptic - essential fields are First Name and Last Name.
  8. If the skeptic is listed in our database but not appearing on the Peer Review page, go to the database of skeptics, click on the Skeptic and set Skeptic Status to Yes.

Hope this all makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions. Feedback on how to display the peer-review page is welcome (should I order them alphabetically or by # of papers?). I'm hoping once this page is considered ready for public consumption, someone will write a blog post to launch the page - probably the person who does the bulk of the legwork (Jim, perhaps?)

2011-07-13 02:31:46


Need to distinguish peer-reviewed papers generally from peer-reviewed papers on climate science. For example, Willie Soon probably has tons of legitimate papers on astrophysics.