2011-05-20 14:07:28Making Anthony Watts accountable for his surface station disinformation
John Cook


As this year goes on, I'm thinking more of the word 'accountability'. We need to make people accountable for their misinformation - particularly in a speedy way so the disinformation doesn't have time to propogate.

But I'm also thinking of deniers who will try to deny or revise their past history. Eg - Anthony Watts publishing a paper showing microsite influences don't have any impact on warming, in contradiction to all his past statements. So what do people think of the idea of trolling through his old posts and interviews and adding his quotes to the quotes database. If there is a sufficiently large collection, perhaps it could be compiled as a post.

Problem is I simply don't have the time to do this but if someone is interested in doing this and if it's considered an idea worth doing, I'm just putting it out there :-)

2011-05-20 16:18:18
John Mason


According to Eli Rabett:

"If you have a digital camera, a portable handheld GPS device with accuracy within 100 feet or better, and the ability to follow simple instructions, you can help us demonstrate that many of the assumptions about climate change based on the surface temperature record may in fact be due to faulty data!"

Which was changed soon after to

If you know anything at all about measuring temperature, you'll see that these sites above don't meet the basic criteria for scientifically valid observations. Yet, the data from these weather stations is part of the USHCN data set and is used by NASA to model climate, the IPCC to publish reports, and your government to make policy decisions.


A screengrab of the original would be very useful!!!

Cheers - John