2011-05-20 13:55:29Live rebutting of the Heartland Conference on June 30
John Cook


I'm a good Christian boy but when I looked at the website for the Heartland Institute 2011 conference (http://climateconference.heartland.org/), I couldn't help thinking those guys are a bunch of SoBs. The green colouring, the use of recycling and plant icons - it's positively Orwellian.

The event is June 30/July 1 and they're live broadcasting their talks. So I'm thinking of a possible new SkS initiative - what about live debunking? Eg - as their live broadcasts go live, we have a webpage that automatically updates with climate myths as they're given by the speakers, as well as our one liner response. We could also "take over" their Twitter hashtag, tweeting each myth and linking to our rebuttals.

If we did this, we could promote it ahead of the event, saying we'll be monitoring the climate myths at the Heartland Conference as a new form of live debunking - which is a fairly unique, new approach, I think. Possibly even add a live chat feature to the special page. Perhaps send a press release beforehand to promote the novelty of the concept.

It would require some SkSers be available to watch the event and add myths to the system (I'd probably create a special admin for it). I'd suggest we do it in shifts, assign SkSers for certain periods.

Anyway, thoughts, comments? Good idea? Should we give Heartland attention? Is it giving them oxygen - is it better to ignore them?

2011-05-20 14:53:06Prof Mandia on the event
John Cook


FYI: http://profmandia.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/heartland-institutes-non-experts-you-experts-are-all-wrong/

2011-05-20 16:14:14
Ari Jokimäki


This conference is just a publicity stunt. I think I'm for ignoring them.

2011-05-20 18:19:19Doing something like this "behind the scenes"....


...and unveiling it after the conference should too much of their idiocy find its way into the MSM?

It might mean putting in some time to collect the information/rebuttals "live" but wouldn't need a big prior setup like John's ideas. And, if push comes to shove, SkS would be ready to post something very quickly.