2011-04-28 22:03:38Ronald D. Voisin
Captain Pithart
Peter Hartmann

this one is rather new to me, i only know his name as a member of Climategate Country Club. He published a 12-page piece at Climate Realists (they always try to get fresh blood over there, although voisin has published some stuff there before), which has some new (to me) trash arguments:


*  Earth is exothermic and has internal weather patterns

* human development hinders the thriving of microbes, which would have an even larger carbon footprint

i have no idea if this piece will lift off, but it certainly has its creative merits :) until this happens, i don't think rebutting it would be worth the effort.

http://planet-climate.org/wiki/index.php?title=Ronald_D._Voisin (user:w pass: atchU24)

i'm not sure this is the best place for me to post this; is there a better place to post new developments in the deniosphere? i've started to use the FF plugin btw.

2011-04-28 22:41:44Microbes, that is a new one
John Cook

Reminds me of that hoax skeptic paper, blaming global warming on some ocean organism, to see if skeptics would get sucked in by it. A few deniers smelt a rat and spread the word before it got too much traction.

Posting here or on general chat is fine. Great to hear you're using the FF add-on - I use it to keep tabs on any articles I happen upon, helps keep track of skeptic activity so we can monitor which arguments are gaining traction. The more people use the FF add-on, the better our data and understanding of what's hot in the denialosphere.

2011-04-28 22:57:10


"I believe that it is obvious that the prime climate driver is not CO2 and that it is also not the Sun."

Starting from that basic principle he concludes that the planet has a nuclear reactor core.

Hilarious nonsense!