2011-04-13 13:23:49Jo Nova and David Evans Youtube at Denier rallies
John Cook


I find it quite helpful to see public talks by deniers - it gives you a clear picture of their main talking points (which is helpful if you're ever going to engage them in debate). Here are Jo Nova and David Evans at a denier rally in Perth:


2011-04-13 14:29:06painful
Dana Nuccitelli

Ugh, I managed to stomach the whole thing, but I was sure tempted to stop watching every 30 seconds or so!  That was a whole lot of conspiracy theories with about half of the myths in our database peppered in for good measure.  I like how she described those signing the Oregon Petition as "conservative scientists".  And right after she got done talking about how climate scientists are biased, she referenced a peer-reviewed paper.  She's a decent speaker though.  Certainly knows how to rile up a denier crowd.  "And we're the deniers?!"  Haha, yes, you are.

Great description of the talk on that denier blog, too.  "Scathing satire meets intelligent investigative analysis."  Riiiiiiight.