2011-04-10 11:14:24Added country to skeptic database
John Cook


I'm gradually adding to the Skeptic Database - I've added a new field Country so we can specify where each skeptic comes from. I've also tweaked admin so the list of skeptics shows more info - the country and type:


A few notes:

  • As most are USA, I set USA as the default (easier than going in and manually changing them all to USA)
  • For English skeptics, I suggest choosing "United Kingdom"
  • I've started collecting quotes from Australian "shock jocks" - radio presenters - planning to do a blog post on this.
2011-04-10 11:42:45
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

2 questions:

  1. McKitrick isn't a scientist?
  2. Page 1 shows 50 names out of 71, but page 2 only shows 3 names (but says names 51-71 out of 71)...
2011-04-10 19:54:33Fixed Page 2
John Cook


Fixed that, it wasn't showing skeptics who hadn't been assigned a type but that's now fixed.

I thought McKitrick was an economist. But if I got that wrong, feel free to go in and edit the db.

2011-04-11 00:55:53Economist
Dana Nuccitelli
John is right, he's an economist.