2011-04-09 13:54:35Columnists
James Wight


Here in Australia, Channel Ten recently announced that contrarian columnist Andrew Bolt will host his own TV show. It may be coincidental that a mining magnate recently bought 10% of the channel. I am furious that this guy has built his career on distortion and misinformation and now they’re giving him his own TV show.

It got me thinking – maybe we should start doing Disinformation Deniers posts on columnists. Columnists may not be as widely known as fake experts like Monckton, but they do have a huge influence over their readers’ opinions. In fact, now I think about it, Bolt is probably the most recognisable denier in the Australian media - I knew his name long before Plimer or Carter.

2011-04-09 14:29:09A big tent
John Cook


Absolutely. I've already started adding Aussie shock jock quotes to the quotes database, with a plan of doing a blog post solely on shock jock misinformation. The quote database can be steadily built up with blog posts on specific groups, individuals, organisations, political parties, etc. Very versatile, just requires doing the legwork to find the quotes.

I'm currently talking to a UK NGO about publishing climate myths from a specific UK denier group, will adapt the quotes database for this purpose. I hope to grow that into partnering with other groups to debunk specific groups/organisations/individuals/etc.