2011-04-07 09:39:41Desmogblog's database of disinformers
John Cook


Someone on Facebook pointed me to Desmogblog who have compiled an impressive database on climate disinformers:


It's an impressive database, a huge amount of research I imagine has gone into it, and complements our database of denier quotes nicely. Wondering if its worth contacing desmogblog, coordinating with them somehow, discussing ways the two resources could possibly be combined. Perhaps make our quotes database (plus rebuttals) available as an API feed is something they'd be interested in using. Just thinking aloud at this point.

2011-04-07 18:33:55Great Idea
Glenn Tamblyn


John. Thats a great idea. Not just for the pracyical benefits of the idea. But also the general idea of the major Pro-AGW sites combining and working together. There are probably a dozen significant sites all with a different focus. The more they can work together to present a coherent picture, the better.

2011-04-08 13:36:48


Desmogblog is a great resource.  Collaboration is always a good idea for climate science sites. 

Consider how many deniers cross-post and boost each others Google rankings. 

The more that real science sites show up high in searches, the greater the chance that Joe public looking for information will get facts presented as top search results rather than wishful thinking.

2011-04-09 14:29:44Have emailed desmogblog about this
John Cook


Will let you know if I hear anything.