2011-03-21 12:58:55How to add skeptic quotes to the database
John Cook


We're currently building a database of quotes from skeptics. The goal is to make this a resource, especially to journalists, so they can look up quotes from public figures like politicians and prominent climate skeptics, along with links to what the science says. Here is instructions on how to add to this database. You can search any quotes in our database via:


(this page is not public yet).

Add a Skeptic

You can view a list of skeptics in our database via the Skeptic Admin. To add a new skeptic:

  1. Go to the Add Skeptic form.
  2. You must enter a First Name and Last Name to successfully add the skeptic to the database.
  3. It's best if you can upload a photo too. The photo must be JPEG and should be 150 px wide x 225 px high to ensure the pic matches the size of the other photos. A smaller thumbnail will be automatically generated. If you can't upload a photo or if the system gives you uploading problems, just add the skeptic without a photo and email john@skepticalscience.com who will add the photo.
  4. If you're adding a USA politician, include their political party and state. Eg - for a Republican representative from New York, enter R, NY
  5. If you wish the skeptic to appear on our Climate Myths from Politicians, make sure Skeptic Status is set to Yes and Skeptic Type is set to Politician.

Add a quote

You're welcome to add quotes for any skeptic. While the initial focus is on U.S. politicians, we'll eventually broaden this resource to all skeptics.

  1. Go to the Add Skeptic Quote form.
  2. Enter the quote without quotation marks. These get added later.
  3. The URL for the source must start with http://
  4. Be sure to select an Argument. Note - the quote will only appear on Climate Myths from Politicians if the argument already has an SkS rebuttal (otherwise there would be no page to link to).
  5. Ideally, add the date the quote was made. Otherwise, it defaults to today's date.