2011-03-11 10:09:22Tim Ball launches a website
John Cook


And I'm adding him to our database of skeptics - not sure if he'll make the short list but he's certainly up there...


2011-03-11 12:25:13Blech
Dana Nuccitelli
Great, because there's not enough dishonest "skeptic" blogs already!
2011-03-11 13:19:50
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I need new glasses.  I swear I read the URL as "Dirtball.com"!

2011-03-12 06:51:26


I didn't notice he was involved in the Slaying the Sky Dragon folly.

2011-04-10 13:10:59


When Tim Ball sued Dan Johnson and the Calgary Herald he appeared to be not short of the cash needed.  (He withdrew after counter-arguments were presented.)


Tim Ball is now being sued himself and is complaining bitterly about being targeted and having no money.  He doesn't seem to believe in the legal maxim that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  In plain language, from a legal perspective he has absolutely no right to complain of being sued for libel having himself sued for libel.  That maxim, by the way, is applicable even to the Queen of England: she cannot generally be challenged in law unless she herself has invoked a specific law.



This suit and counter-suit, together with Tim Ball's constant stream of obviously agendist-slanted climate writings, has led many to doubt his credentials as a climate scientist.  In fact, Dr. Ball researched climate data and compiled a valuable reference source for climatologists:

Climatic change in central Canada : a preliminary analysis of weather information from the Hudson's Bay

Company Forts at York Factory and Churchill Factory, 1714-1850
Ball, Timothy Francis.Pub date: 1983

Climatological Bulletin Vol.19 No.2 October 1985.

In that paper, Ball introduces the migratory patterns of snow geese as a proxy for southerly winds north of Manitoba.

In my book, that is science.


( Obviously I'm playing devil's advocate here - currently, the man appears not to have a clue about science.)