2011-02-13 15:00:42Watts and Pielke's paper
John Cook


There was some discussion somewhere about Anthony Watts never publishing a paper based on his surfacestations data. I've heard another peep about such a paper. Someone on Open Mind quoting Pielke:


Meanwhile, it looks like the famous paper showing that siting problems proves climate science is a fraud and that the earth is cooling is nearing publication.

From RPSr on Curry’s site:

as some of your readers may not know, we have a paper in the second stage of review of the effect of siting quality of the United States Historical Climate Record [USHCN] based on the seminal work of Anthony Watts, Evan Jones and their numerous volunteers. Anthony, Evan, and several other well know climate scientists are co-authors. As soon as this paper completes the final review process (it has been with the Editor for one month so far), we will be communicating our results.


2011-02-13 16:29:56Waking a sleeping poptech
Dan Friedman
The denahminator thread seemed like a good idea -- until the Poptech came out of hibernation.  Now its just a place for him to do what he does best.